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InstallAnywhere is the solution of choice among multiplatform installation developers worldwide. It's delivering the ideal combination of ease-of-use and powerful functionality for authoring professional multiplatform installations in minutes. Developers can create one installer project for multiple platforms and multiple languages, which can be deployed onto any client or server platform. It supports the latest s of Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS X and more, so that installation developers can create a single, powerful install that matches your software's own unique look and feel.

InstallAnywhere is optimized for cross platform installations (Linux, Solaris, Mac OS, Windows,...). If you want to create setups for Windows Installer (MSI), InstallScript or App-V please use InstallShield.

InstallAnywhere is available in English.

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Product information:

Use of this software is subject to the End User License Agreement.

Registration and Activation Required! The user's contact infomation is required when ordering. After installing the software it needs to be activated by entering the serial number. This activation must be repeated yearly. If the computer is connected to the internet this will happen automatically.
Usage monitoring and auditing: The manufacturer may monitor usage of the software for statistics and to verify compliance with the EULA. Flexera Software may also request an audit. Please see the EULA for details.