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Offline Shop

If you prefer to send your order via postal mail or fax, please note the items you want to order (or print the shopping cart page) and send your order to the following address:

Estenfelder Str. 26
97228 Rottendorf

Phone: +49-9302-98 97 38
Fax: +49-9302-98 97 39

Tax ID: DE190095795

Price and Tax Information

The prices listed on this site are net prices and don't include taxes (sales tax/value added tax), customs and shipping fees. For software and books shipped from InstallSite, customers located in the European Union (EU) - except Germany - don't have to pay value added tax if they specify their VAT/tax ID number. Value added tax is not applicable to customers outside the EU. For customers in Germany and in the EU without VAT ID the German VAT applies. For training courses and goods or services sold by partners and affiliates their respective tax regulations apply. Shipping fees depend on the destination country and the payment method and will be calculated during the ordering process in the shopping cart. All prices are in Euros.

Shipping and Handling Fees

Please contact us for shipping fees.

You can pay by wire transfer (new customers please prepayment).